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Our Core

As a nurse-founded brand, we believe a great set of scrubs is a lifesaver. A uniform that helps us feel and flex like a pro, impacting the level of care we provide and making the everyday less of a grind. With that in mind, our mission is to empower each individual to embrace and showcase their best selves

Our Promise

At Inovativ Scrubs, we bring styles that perfect the trifecta of next-level design: comfort, performance, and style. The result is power uniforms that move with you through your shifts and keep you on top of your game. From separates to sets, colors to pockets, we’re committed to giving you an inclusive range of choices at accessible prices—so you can serve at maximum potential.

Meet the Owner

Hi, My name is Viviane Yimga Ngassam, Owner of Inovativ Scrubs. I’m a registered nurse for 7 years now and my specialties are Tele/Med-Surg, Long term care and research. As we all know the last few years have been merciless, and for me it seemed like it was definitely a page out of an apocalyptic movie. As a result, my last day as a bedside nurse was July 3rd 2021.

Inovativ Scrubs was founded shortly after I resigned  bedside nursing. I wanted a brand that supports  and empower all healthcare workers by providing the best, affordable, stylish and luxurious scrubs in the market (We deserve it and much more!).

I invite you to embark in this journey with me with the hope that you enjoy the process as much I do and make a difference in the world and especially in healthcare by being the best you!