Extend the Life of Your Scrub accessories

When you spend money on scrub accessories, you want to make sure they last for a substantial amount of time. Nobody wants to spend unneeded money on new clothing items for work, especially when these simple tips can help you get the most life out of them as possible.

If you use scrub accessories at work, this article is for you. These are the best ways to extend the life of your scrub accessories.

Your Scrub Accessories

Regardless of what specific accessories you choose, these tips can be used for multiple items. However, for this article, we’ll discuss scrub caps, compression socks, and scarves.

Caring for Scrub Caps

Scrub caps go well with most any scrub outfit. Some people wear them because it’s mandatory on the job, and some people just prefer the look!

Regardless of the reason, it’s important to give caps the proper care. The best way to wash these items is with cold water. When they’re done, tumble dry them on a low heat setting.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are a lifesaver when you’re on your feet all day. These improve circulation and stop you from getting cold feet.

When you’re ready to wash compression socks, consider doing it by hand. Hand washing in cold water and hang drying prevents premature wear for these accessories.


Scarves can help you beat the cold inside or outside (we all know how cold hospitals can be). They’re also a great way to cap off your scrub outfit.

Wash these items using cold water on your most gentle setting. After removing from the washer, tumble dry scarves on low heat. This will preserve the lifespan of these accessories.

Many of these items, especially the caps, can be purchased in a disposable form. However, there’s no need to purchase disposable items when you have an efficient cleaning process. Save your money – wash, and reuse!

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